Best Monitor for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Black Ops (PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4)

So do you want to play the latest Call of Duty game i.e. Modern Warfare on a widescreen display with a high fps rate and realistic gaming experience?

Well, for that purpose, gaming monitors are used, and we are going to do a lot of reviews about them today.

In order to enjoy any game at its best, one must need a specific monitor that is capable of showing the high definition graphics, high refresh rate and fast response time without any problems and issues. 


These monitors are mainly termed as gaming monitors, and they are as important as the gaming console, gaming mouse or keyboard for playing high-end games such as COD Modern Warfare.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

So, keeping an idea of gaming monitors in mind, we thought that a list of the best gaming monitors for Call of Duty could help you in search of the ideal monitor for you.

So, let’s have a look.

High refreshment gaming has evolved immensely in the last couple of years, and you honestly can’t find a professional PC player today who has under 144hz of a refresh rate. Most standard monitors today have around 60-70hz, and if you are a console gamer playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, that’s actually no problem.

As most games on console are locked to 30 or 60 fps and wouldn’t benefit from a 144hz monitor. Yet, a gaming monitor will still help you immensely in your gaming experience with a clearer picture and more high definition than a regular TV. However, as a PC gamer, you have nothing to lose than more frames per second, which are crucial for competitive gaming.

Best Gaming Monitors for Modern Warfare & Black Ops

Modern Warfare is an FPS game where you have to eliminate your opponents to win the battle. Having a good reliable gaming monitor is essential when it comes to competitive gaming.

MonitorSizeResolutionVRRRefresh Rate
ViewSonic VX2758-C-MH27″1920×1080FreeSync144HzCheck Price
Acer Predator XB271HU27”2560×1440G-SYNC144/165HzCheck Price
ASUS VG248QE24″1920×1080None144HzCheck Price
ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q27″2560×1440G-SYNC165HzCheck Price
BenQ Zowie XL2411P24″1920×1080None144HzCheck Price
Alienware AW2518Hf25″1920 x 1080FreeSync240HzCheck Price
AOC G2460PF24”1920×1080FreeSync144hzCheck Price

How We Picked the Gaming Monitors for COD

The criteria for choosing an ideal gaming monitor for playing a high-end game like COD Black Ops 4 is quite simple. We have only selected the most significant products available on the market, on the basis of resolution, refresh rate, response time, panel type and most of all, positive user ratings.

So, now that all things are clear. Let’s head towards reviewing the gaming monitors for COD.

The Best Monitor for Call of Duty in 2020

1. ViewSonic VX2758-C-MH

If you want an ideal gaming display for playing high-end games, ViewSonic may be a perfect choice for you. The gaming monitor comes with full HD 1080 resolution having a pixel ratio of 1920×1080 pixels. The curved design is quite gorgeous and allows you to be fully immersive in gaming. The gaming 144 Hz refresh rate with a faster response time gives you a clean edge while playing games like COD and PUBG. The monitor comes with AMD FreeSync technology. By pairing up an AMD GPU with this monitor, you can get a stable fps rate with a smooth gaming experience without screen tearing. There are different visual modes available in preset options. You just have to select from an arsenal of settings to enjoying an excellent gaming experience for you.

ViewSonic VX2758-C-MH

ViewSonic is a solid choice for many gamers who want to enjoy gaming on a curved display and for a more extended period. The gaming monitor comes with a lot of features that will provide you with an immersive gaming display. Fast response time and astonishing 144Hz refresh rate give you the edge while gaming.

This gaming monitor comes with a lot of connectivity options as well. It can support laptops, PCs, consoles, and Macs as it comes with HDMI and VGA inputs. All things put aside, the ergonomic stand provides proper positioning of the LED monitor so that you can see the monitor without any annoyance or interference. The gaming monitor has got a TN display and will offer colorful and vibrant gaming colors at the same time. There is a 3-year industrial warranty available within the monitor. So, in case some issue arises, you can contact the customer support for repairing options.



2. Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator is the top contender for being the greatest monitor for playing games like COD and PUBG smoothly. The gaming monitor comes with 27″ large screen that is able to provide you with an ultimate gaming experience. It has got a WQHD screen with a pixel ratio of 2560×1440 pixels in order to show ultra-realistic graphics. The 2K resolution is ideal in terms that it allows no pixel shattering. With the help of Nvidia GSync technology, you can pair up a good GPU with this monitor to enjoy an ultra display with the smoothest and fastest gaming experience ever. Resulting in eliminating screen tearing, display stutter and input lag.

Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator XB271HU is one of the best gaming monitor used for playing COD 4 on highest settings. The monitor offers 27″ widescreen with full 2k resolution and 144hz refresh rate as well. A premium choice for the serious gamer that only wants the greatest avaible.

The monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, but you can easily overclock it to 165 HZ using a premium display port. With a 1 ms response time and a pixel pitch of 0.233mm, you will get to enjoy a crystal clear display with fast image movement at the same time. This gaming monitor comes with Flicker-less technology that reduced the flickering to almost zero, in order to keep your eyes away from straining or other issues. There are one display port and one HDMI port available for better connectivity options. The gaming monitor has got a TN panel which offers bright and vibrant colours, with a high contrast ratio.




The next gaming display on our list is popular because of its very affordable price and is being introduced by ASUS. The gaming monitor offers a widescreen display with bright and vibrant colors for playing high-intensity games with an immersive display. The monitor has got an ultra smooth action feature with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a fast response time of only 1ms. There are almost 16.7 million display colors available that enhances the brightness of the monitor for a whole gaming experience. There are four pre-set color selection modes available within the monitor, but can also be customised according to your needs easily.


ASUS VG248QE is an affordable gaming monitor for playing FPS games like COD and Battlefield. The monitor allows you to enjoy fast movement with vivid image quality as it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Worth checking out this gaming monitor as it’s in a very reasonable price range.

The monitor comes with an ergonomic design as well. It has got features like swivelling and tilting so that you can quickly reposition the monitor. If you want to enjoy comfortable gameplay with this monitor, this should be your topmost priority. The size of this gaming monitor is a bit less, i.e. 24″ but still it can prove to be a very good choice for FPS gamers. There are two 2W speakers available on each side of the monitor for audio. But ideally, you should use a gaming headset for playing games competitively. Even if you don’t have a headset or speakers, you can use these speakers in order to enjoy decent audio.



4. ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q

ASUS Rog Swift is designed for serious gamers only. For people who want to play COD on a thin bezel can go for this gaming monitor as it comes with a lot of features to offer. The hefty 27″ screen size is more than enough to enjoy an ultimate gaming experience. Other than that, the 1440p monitor comes with QHD resolution. It has got the perfect balance of size and resolution to facilitate the gamer in one of the greatest possible ways. The gaming monitor comes with special ASUS Eye-care technology. The eye care technology includes features like zero flicker and blue light filter that keeps your eyes away from harmful rays and straining issues at the same time. The gaming monitor is ideal for long gaming sessions as it protects your eye from fatigue.


ASUS ROG Swift is an excellent premium monitor for COD and other FPS games. It comes with a large screen and IPS display panel. The crystal clear image quality with bright colors allow you to enjoy gaming at its finest. With an impressive 165 Hz refresh rate this is for the real competitive gamer.

This gaming monitor comes with an ergonomic stand. The stand is able to swivel, tilt, pivot etc. for a greater height adjustment options. Now you can enjoy a fully immersive gaming display easily with a good body posture. The monitor has got a 165Hz refresh rate which is quite exceptional as mostly monitor in this price range have got typical 144 Hz refreshing rate. The panel installed in this monitor is IPS which is responsible for a bright and vibrant color display. Nvidia G-Sync technology is also present. In case you have got a gaming rig with a Nvidia graphics card, you can pair it up with this monitor for smooth gaming at a steady fps rate.



5. BenQ Zowie XL2411P

BenQ Zowie is a mid-budget gaming monitor with a lot of features to offer such as full HD resolution, high refresh rate and fast response time. All these features of this monitor make it an ideal choice for COD players. The monitor comes with 144 HZ refresh rate and a response time of only 1 ms so that you can perform better in fast-paced FPS games. It has got a screen size of 24″ which is the largest recommended for 1080p. The gaming monitor comes with full HD resolution with a pixel ratio of 1920×1080 pixels allowing you to enjoy a graphics experience with full HD colors as well. There is a unique technology included in this gaming monitor termed as ‘Black eQualizer’ which can be used to render dark areas in-game with more brightness, clarity and sharp image quality.

BenQ Zowie XL2411P

BenQ Zowie is an affordable gaming monitor for short-budgeted gamers. The monitor allows you to play video games with fast response time and 144 Hz refresh rate. The vivid image quality with a Black eQualizer feature enables you for visual clarity in dark areas in-game. Making it easier to spot enemies before they spot you.

The monitor has got an ergonomic design as well. It comes with proper height adjustment so that it won’t cause any pain in your back or neck because of bad positioning. The monitor comes with a shallow blue light and zeroes flicker technology as well. It keeps your eyes away from getting tiring or strain. There are a couple of connectivity options available within this monitor allowing you to connect laptops, PCs, and consoles with it easily. A headphone jack is also available for simple access.



6. Alienware AW2518Hf

Alienware has introduced an excellent gaming monitor with a lot of qualities and durable construction. The unique application of this gaming display is one of the main reasons that it is liked by many pro gamers from all across the world. The monitor is exemplary for playing COD and other FPS games as it comes with a 240 Hz refresh rate which is quite exceptional in this price range. The response time offered by this gaming monitor is only 1 ms which means you get to enjoy an ultra-fast and responsive display with vibrant colors.

Alienware AW2518Hf

Alienware is a 240 Hz refresh rate gaming monitor with a slim design and full HD resolution. It is ideal for FPS gamers who want a lightning fast monitor with good response time in order to play COD like a professional. The look of the monitor is also very futuristic and would make a fantastic setup visually.

This gaming monitor has got compatibility with all type of gaming devices such as PCs, laptops, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. AMD FreeSync technology allows you to pair up AMD GPU with this monitor in order to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. The stand is height adjustable and can be swivelled and tilted to adjust it according to your needs and body posture. The on-screen display of this gaming monitor offers great user experience for gamers.



7. AOC G2460PF

Well, the last gaming monitor on our list is available in a very reasonable price range, and you should not underestimate this monitor because of the specs it has got. The monitor comes with a 24″ screen having a 1080p full HD resolution which means you get to enjoy a good gaming experience in a very affordable budget as well. AMD FreeSync technology is also present if you want to connect a GPU with this monitor for smooth fps rate.


AOC G2460PF is one of the most popular short-budgeted gaming monitors with a lot of qualities to offer, such as full HD resolution and a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. Better check it out if you have got a low budget to spend on a gaming monitor.

The monitor comes with a high brightness and contrast ratio. It has got a 1ms response time and a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1 which is just exceptional for this price. On the other hand, the monitor also comes with a lot of connectivity options allowing support for consoles, laptops, and PCs. With this screen on your gaming desk, you will fully get immersed in a gaming environment without caring about what’s happening outside. Another important feature of this display is, you can mount it on a wall easily. Other than that, there are two built-in speakers available on the monitor. However, with very mediocre sound quality.




Finding a monitor for gaming requires some serious research and then the decision part comes. It seems like we have done the difficult part for you and now it’s your turn to pick up an ideal gaming monitor for you.

In case you are still confused; this is our three recommendations in different categories.

ViewSonic VX2758-C-MH for the best overall gaming monitor.
Acer Predator XB271HU for the ultimate premium pick.
ASUS VG248QE for the budget pick.

Gaming Monitor for COD – Buyer’s Guide

gaming monitor for call of duty

In this buyer’s guide, we are going to discuss some key points while choosing an ideal gaming monitor for Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4.

So, let’s take a look.

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Monitor

Some important aspects to consider before buying a gaming monitor are as follows.

Gaming displays vary in size ranges. The most common ones are from 24″ to 27″. Well, in our opinion, what must suit you the best is totally individual. A sweet spot for one can be entirely different for another.

However, we recommend for a full HD resolution (1080p) up to 25″ and for 2k or 4k resolution from 25″ and upwards. With full HD you could actually notice a less quality image if you go for a 27″ for example, as the pixel ratio is lower. Keep in mind that 27″ display monitors are not often available in the more reasonable budgets, and also wanting a good refresh rate at the same time. In case you have got a short budget, we will recommend you to go for a 24-25″ screen.

Resolution matters the most while picking up an ideal gaming monitor. There are three types of resolution used in a gaming display.

• Full HD 1080p resolution (Low-budget)
• QHD 2K resolution (Mid-budget).
• 4K resolution (High-budget).

You will notice that the price range increases as we go up from 1080p resolution to the 4K one. 4k currently has a costly price range, and we won’t recommend getting them as most competitive fps games aren’t played with that resolution, yet. The more common resolution, 2K resolution, will be around 3-600 bucks. However, on a low-budget, you can find an excellent gaming display with1080p resolution. The standard is still 1080p for most of the gaming monitors, but in case you want to future-proof your rig

The refresh rate is the measure of how fast a monitor can refresh frames. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). There are three common types of refresh rates available for gaming monitors:

• 60 Hz
• 144 Hz
• 240 Hz.

In this case, as the frequency increases, the price and features of a gaming monitor also increase. So, we will recommend you to go for a monitor with a refresh rate of at least 144 Hz for PC, as monitors with this refresh rate are available in a mid-budget price range and will give you more images so you can make faster decisions in-game.

No matter what, you should always consider for a gaming monitor that it comes with an ergonomic stand. Now, an ergonomic stand means that it is able to tilt, swivel and the monitor’s height can be adjusted according to a better body posture. In this way, you can set up to an enjoyable gaming experience for you and your back.

Budget is also a thing to consider while buying a monitor. Gaming monitors show a variety of price ranges, and you should go after the one that is providing many features in an affordable price range. However, as you look for high-quality features, the price may also go high. So, don’t forget to take a look at your budget and what specific features you want before buying a gaming monitor.

The Final Word

That would be it from our side. We hope you have got enough knowledge about gaming monitors. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your dream gaming display in order to enjoy COD like never before!

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