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GamingFeature.com is your go-to information site about everything that has to do with PC, consoles and gaming. Our ultimate goal is to provide value and give the best possible information to our readers, regarding optimizing your game settings, knowledge and independent reviews of gaming products.

This site was created to make knowledge about gaming in general and education accessible to those who want to learn. While all these gaming products with flashy colours and RGB lightning are incredibly cool, there is much thought that goes into a purchase. After all, they are supposed to make your gaming more enjoyable or efficient.

Our team truly believes in competitive gaming and esports, and the genre has been growing in an incredible pace the last couple of years with video games like CS:GO, PUGB, Call of Duty and Fortnite. Streamer and other professional gamers have huge audiences that bring more and more people into gaming. We believe that there has to be an easier way to find information about gaming related topics, that’s why we created this site with a big passion. With the amount of information out there, it can be quite overwhelming to find the answer to your needs to say at least. Without wasting to much time, you are often left disappointed or confused. That is what we want to change.

Our ultimate goal is to help you get the answers to your questions, optimizing your setup and finding products that make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Gaming Mice Review Finalmouse Ninja Air58
From a review of the Finalmouse Ninja Air58

Our passionated mission is to provide unbiased reviews and purchasing decisions upon gaming gear or related products. GamingFeature is a website for gamers and managed by gamers with many years of interest in computers and the gaming scene.

Many customers go with products they first stumble upon or whats recommended by algorithms. We spend countless of hours testing products, comparing and go down to every technical feature to find the best possible buying decision. Not many have the time, nor wants to use that amount of research before acquiring a new gaming accessory.

logitech g502 unboxing review

We created this site because we felt there wasn’t enough non-bias information out there. We want to create honest, definite and informative reviews that guides our readers with research and feeling confident with their decisions. The number of products which every day enter the market is to say at least, overwhelming. We are not afraid to update our reviews with new products that are superior to older products. Every in-depth article we create takes about 1-4 weeks to finish before we have a comprehensive guide with a lot of valuable information.

We do not accept payments for baised reviews of products in our round-ups or giving products a higher review. The recommendations and ratings we set are unbiased and genuinely what our experience is.

We hope you enjoy our articles as much as we enjoy doing them. Our sole passion is to create pieces of information to help our readers. If you have any feedback, products we should consider or generally wants to contact us, please head over to our contact page.

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We are gamers.

The Team Behind the Website

On our growing team, we have people who are gamers since the dawn of gaming. With big interest in PC components and technology, we have spent way to much time and money on this hobby. With that said we also recommend our favorite gaming gadgets, but also products we didn’t like at all. All our recommendations are backed and assigned as a team, and our gaming experts vet the products we recommend. You can read our earnings disclaimer here.

Our Team


Alex is a gaming enthusiast with over 15 years of gaming experience, especially enjoying competitive video games like CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite and Call of Duty. With a combined play time of over 4000 hours, you could probably say that Alex enjoys a bit of gaming. When he’s not gaming or watching e-sports, he likes to write about gaming and hardware. He is the editor-in-chief here on GamingFeature, and he vets every article or piece of content before it goes live. Working closely with the writers in our team, researchers or industry experts to make sure the content is up to date and accurate with the common goal of being the go-to information site about everything that has to do with gaming.

Calvin Daley

Research & Writer

A big majority of the time that goes into making our content is actually pure research and testing, and that’s what Calvin does and why he’s is doing major work here at GamingFeature. He’s also a passionate writer who has previously been working on other publications in the technology niche. As a University student living in the United States, he loves reading and gather new information.

Alice Thomson

Research & Writer

Alice is heavily into console gaming and loves video games and everything about them. How games have made an impact on our society and our pop culture. She’s more into single players games, everything from small indie games to the biggest releases of the year. Alice usually spends her time writing about game guides, communication here on GamingFeature or handling every-day business. Her console of choice is currently the PlayStation 4. Her all time favorite game is The Last of Us and have probably played it one too many times by now.