Best Mouse for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Black Ops

So you are playing your new favorite multiplayer game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout.

But will be bringing a generic mouse to the battle makes sense?

Absolutely NO.

For this purpose, you will need the best mouse for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, to be able to provide quick movements with an excellent accuracy and fast response.

Best Mouse for Call of Duty Blackout

Today, our article is all about finding some of the greatest gaming mice for playing games like COD Black Ops. We have compiled a list of some excellent choices for you in this regard. Covering DPI, polling rate, programmable buttons, and a buyer’s guide, so you have an easier time picking a mouse that fits your play style.

Let’s have a look at them.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

What should be the aspects to consider while one is buying an ideal gaming mouse? To help you find the most significant mouse, we are here with a brief but a complete buyer’s guide that might help a lot of gamers.

So, let’s start with a comparison table of our top contenders.

Top Rated Gaming Mice for Modern Warfare & Black Ops

Modern Warfare is a shooting game where you have to eliminate your opponents in order to win the Battle. Having a good reliable gaming mouse is crucial when it comes to competitive gaming.

Gaming MouseButtonsDPIGaming Sensor
Logitech G502 (Winner)11200-12000PMW3366Check Price
SteelSeries Sensei 3106Up to 12000SteelSeries TrueMove3Check Price
Razer DeathAdder Elite7100-16000 PMW3389Check Price
Logitech G Pro6200-12000PMW3366Check Price
PICTEK Gaming Mouse71200-7200n/aCheck Price
Logitech G9039200-12000PMW3366Check Price
SteelSeries Rival 7007100-16000PMW3360Check Price

Now, it depends on the experience of a player, but a gaming mouse plays an essential part in making consistent and accurate movements. Your ordinary mouse don’t do the trick because it doesn’t have enough technical features, like high DPI or Polling rate.

How We Picked the Gaming Mice for COD

As we all know that because of the saturation in the market, finding an ideal gaming mouse is very difficult. That’s why we have adequately tested and researched gaming mice on some prominent points i.e.

  • High DPI rate
  • Fast response
  • Multiple buttons
  • Reasonable budget
  • User ratings

Now, that all things are sorted out, let’s head towards reviewing the gaming mice for playing COD.

The Best Mouse for Call of Duty in 2020

1. Logitech G502 – Best Call of Duty Mouse

The gaming mouse that tops our list for being the greatest contender is none other than Logitech G502. It has got a lot of features to offer in yet a fantastic price range. With a sleek and slim design, you will get to enjoy fast and accurate aiming ability in order to take down your opponent with ease. The gaming mouse comes with an optical gaming sensor which is termed as the most accurate and responsive sensor. The sensor is able to precisely translate hand movements on the screen.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 is the prime mouse for playing games like COD and Battlefield 5. The mouse provides faster movement on screen for taking down the opponent at a glance. You should buy it if you want to improve your placements in Battle Royale-themed modes like Blackout.

With tunable weight and balance feature, one can efficiently manage the weight of the mouse for an ideal feeling. The dpi range is from 200 to 12000 which is quite exceptional. Other than that, RGB lighting is present, and you can optimize it according to your preferences. The mouse is compatible with Windows operating systems and Mac OS as well. Well, with a lot of other features, the mouse also comes with 11 programmable buttons that can be set for different tasks with the help of Logitech’s gaming software.

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2. SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Premium Gaming Mouse for CoD

Sensei 310 as introduced by Steelseries is another beast with a lot of specs and features, in yet an affordable price range. As by the first look of it, the mouse looks quite simple. Offering a huge amount of features with a simple design is a specialty of the Steelseries brand. The mouse comes with a range of 12000 CPI, and are pitch-perfect for gaming. On the other hand with an IPS range of 350, response rate becomes ultra high for playing the game like a boss.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

Sensei 310 is the mouse in case you want to play COD with a reliable yet simple mouse. The gaming mouse comes with three programmable buttons and will meet all your gaming requirements easily. Better check it out before it goes out of stock.

For facilitating the gripping styles of gamers, Steelseries has introduced a unique shape in this mouse through which gamers can easily fit this mouse according to their likeness. The ‘elite split trigger’ presented within the left and right click buttons are able to deliver superior durability of almost 50 million clicks. It has RRGB illumination, and you can set your preferences of the lights according to the effect you want. All things being said, Sensei 310 also allows you to change the profile settings of your mouse easily in the included software.



3. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Best Budget Mouse for Call of Duty

What if you can get features like high dpi, many programmable buttons, durable construction and a unique design in only under 45 bucks? 

Yeah, you heard it right, Razer DeathAdder Elite comes with a lot of features in yet a very affordable price range. It has been designed especially for playing games like COD and PUBG for a long period of time and without any uncomfortness in the palm. For providing you a comfortable gaming experience, the mouse are shaped in an ergonomic way. With a DPI range up to 16000, you can get fast response and a higher accuracy rate while playing FPS games.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite is yet another revolution to the gaming mice industry. The mouse comes with a lot of features and is ideal for playing COD Black Ops 4 Blackout. Better check it out before it gets out of stock!

This mouse comes with mechanical switches. The right and left click have been designed to withstand a lot of clicks easily. With an up to 450 IPS, the resolution accuracy of this gaming mouse increases by up to 99.4%. For adding more colors to your gaming environment, this mouse comes with Razer Chroma with 16.8 million customizable colors. The scroll wheel and the Razer logo on the gaming mouse can be lightened with the colors you want. You can set your preferences according to the mood you are in or matching your gaming rig. Lastly, this gaming mouse is available in a very reasonable price range. Such amazing features are very rare to find in short-budget gaming mice, yet Razer DeathAdder elite has got it all.

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4. Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse

Logitech G Pro is a gaming mouse designed especially for FPS gamers. In other words, for playing games like COD and PUBG with high shooting accuracy. The mouse comes with a 3-ounce weight which means you can easily add it for a heavier gaming experience. Other than that, it has got an advanced optical gaming sensor called PMW3366 which is termed as the fastest optical gaming sensor available on the market. The sensor allows quick movements with high accuracy aiming at the same time. With a DPI range of 200 to 12000, you can move the cursor with high speed and fast response rate.

Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro is really a pro in a lot of aspects. The fps gaming mouse comes with high DPI rate, fastest gaming sensor and six programmable buttons which makes it a suitable choice for most of the fps gamers.

The gaming mouse comes with pixel-precise targeting feature as well, that allows you to move and place your shots with accuracy. The right and left click have been specially designed with a metal button spring tensioning system for quick and reliable clicking. In addition, there are six programmable buttons available within the mouse to reduce the workload of your keyboard. Apart from these features, RGB lighting is also available, and you can customize it according to your needs as it comes with a combination of 16.8 million colors.



5. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

What if we tell you that you can get a gaming mouse with all premium features and a gaming design in only under 20 dollars? Sound surprising right? But we have got PICTEK gaming mouse for you in this regard that has proved to be an ideal choice for many casual FPS gamers. The mouse comes with a DPI rate of 7200, yet a fantastic feature of this mouse is DPI switching. You can jump to different DPI rates while you gaming depending on if you need a fast or slow sensitivity with one click. There are seven programmable buttons available in this mouse that can be assigned to different tasks in order to make quick reactions.


PICTEK offers a cheap mouse for playing high paced FPS games. The mouse allows you a decent DPI range, and you can also switch it for a with a dedicated button on the mouse. Go for it if you are looking for an ideal gaming mouse with a reasonable budget.

The polling rate of this gaming mouse is also switchable (up to 1000Hz), and you can change it according to the type of game you are playing. On the other hand, RGB lighting is also available with 16 million colors which are just exceptional in that kind of price range. With a higher compatibility factor, you can use this mouse on different operating systems easily.



6. Logitech G903 – Best Wireless Call of Duty Mouse

In case you want to get rid of a wired mouse and try out a wireless gaming mouse, your utmost priority should be to go for the brand new Logitech G903 that comes with a lot of features to offer with a unique gaming design. The mouse is excellent for playing games like COD and Fortnite, and it has got an advanced optical sensor as well. With an ergonomic design, it can easily fit your palm for those who prefer a palm grip.

Logitech G903

Logitech G903 is the top gaming mouse in terms of wireless gaming. It comes with a fast sensor and an ergonomic design as well allowing you to play video games like a pro. Better check it out if you are more interested in getting rid of annoying wires.

This gaming mouse comes with a response time of only 1ms which is pitch perfect for playing FPS games. The dpi range is from 200 to 12000 which when combined with a speed of 400 IPS allows you a faster response with greater maneuverability during gaming. All things being said, the mouse provides perfect feedback whenever you are clicking the left button or the right one. Plenty of programmable buttons are also available that can be assigned to different tasks to reduce the reaction time. The mouse can also be charged easily, and you can even charge it when you are using it.



7. SteelSeries Rival 700

This mouse on our list is yet again introduced by SteelSeries and comes with a lot of qualities and a fast response rate at the same time. The mouse enables you to play FPS games with higher shooting accuracy. A unique tactile alert feature is available in this mouse, offers you to feel in‐game events on actions taken. You can also customize the tactile alert vibration pattern.

SteelSeries Rival 700

SteelSeries Rival 700 is a premium choice for gamers who want a mouse with new and innovated features. The fps mouse comes with a lot to offer in a higher price range. For those who want to play video games on an ergonomic and an advanced gaming mouse.

The acceleration offered by this gaming mouse is 50g, and it comes with a polling rate up to 1ms or 1000 Hz. The design of this gaming mouse is with a higher profile, in such a way that it gives a close connection to your palm. Making it effortless for gaming a quite a long time. This gaming mouse is rated at 30 million clicks which ensures durability and a premium quality construction at the same time. Extra features include modular cables, top covers, and additional sensors. There are two extra mouse thumb buttons, which are programmable so that you can make quick decisions without looking for a specific key on your keyboard.



This is our top contenders in a category of an excellent mouse for playing COD. You can pick out the ideal one of them according to your needs.

However, if you are still concerned about what mouse you should get, here are our top 3 recommendations that might help you.

Logitech G502 for overall the mouse valuable mouse.
Logitech G903 in case you want a wireless gaming mouse.
PICTEK Gaming Mouse if you are on a short budget and don’t want to invest so much into your gaming.

Buyer’s Guide – Gaming Mouse

Getting a gaming mouse can be quite a challenge with the amount for products available, and not to mention all the technical specifications to be aware of. Luckily we have created this buyer’s guide to make the decision a little easier.

So, let’s have a look.

What to Look for when Buying a Gaming Mouse?

There are a lot of factors one might consider before gettomg a gaming mouse. The factors that we consider are listed in details below.

This is the first factor that holds great importance while looking for an fps gaming mouse. DPI range stands for dots per inch, and it is a measurement of how fast a mouse can track your movements. Gaming mice often come with a DPI range of 200-12000, and in our recommendation, you should get a gaming mouse in this range. However, most professional gamers never touch these high number and are often hovering around 400, 800 or 1200 DPI. Another feature concerning this is to try to look out for a mouse that comes with DPI switch. As in this way, you will be able to switch the responsiveness of the mouse quickly.

Regarding first-person shooter gaming, programmable buttons generally won’t make much difference. But still. if you want to take quick actions, you must get a gaming mouse with at least some programmable buttons. For example, in battle-royale themed games you could bind it to health packs, or in a game like Fortnite bind your buildings. It will make a massive difference in response time. There are a lot of gaming mice available with many programmable buttons, but from our point of view, two to six button is an ideal standard for an fps gaming mouse.

Many gamers don’t bother about the fact that they can gain pain in their wrists or hand after long sessions of gaming they attend. The cause of pain and muscle fatigue is mainly because they are using a mouse with an unergonomic shape.
That’s why we will always recommend you to go for a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design that is able to support your palm and claw while you are gaming. Gaming mouse with an ergonomic design means that it will give you a better more natural grip, so won’t has to cramp your hand to lift or move the mouse.

Budget is the last thing to consider as you are going for a gaming mouse. An ideal gaming mouse may cost you about 50 to 60 bucks, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot find a perfect mouse for you in a lower budget range. On our list of gaming mice, there are some mice available in the 30 to 40 dollars range. So, the budget might not be an issue for most of the gamers, but if you want something with high quality, ergonomic design, and with quality features, you have to spend a bit more.

Different types of gaming mice

There are mainly two common types of gaming mice available, and then there are some other types available according to the type of game you play.

So, let’s have a brief look at them.

Main Types of Gaming Mice

  • Wired Gaming Mice: These mice come with wire and have got a USB cable that can be connected to the computer in order to play games. They come with a high polling rate and DPI range as well.
  • Wireless gaming Mice: These mice are wireless, either with a USB receiver or Bluetooth technology. They usually got a slight bit lower polling rate as compared to wired ones. These mice have to be charged which can interrupt your gameplay experience.

Specific Types of Gaming Mice

  • FPS Gaming Mice: These gaming mice are specially designed for playing first-person shooting games. They come with a broad range of DPIand an advanced optical sensor. Often with plenty of programmable buttons as well.
  • RTS Gaming Mice: These gaming mice are used for playing real-time strategy games, and unlike the FPS mice these focus more on fast response with high speed, rather than accurate and slow movements. There are often no or few programmable buttons available within these mice.
  • MMO Mice: They are used for playing Massively Multiplayer Online games. They have got a lot of programmable buttons and a bulky design; it’s not uncommon MMO mice can have up top nice to twelve extra buttons.

The Final Word

We think that it is enough to know about what should be in your considerations in case you are looking for a gaming mouse for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Blackout. Don’t hesitate to ask about any query you have got in the comment section, or if you feel we left out any specific mouse.

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