Best Start in Legion TD 2

Choosing the best strategy for Legion TD 2 can be difficult. It’s a Tower Defense game with very finely tuned lines between economy and power. You need to thread the needle carefully, or you will end up with an imbalance, which can lead to an eventual inevitable loss.

The biggest problem is that you can get behind, not even know it, and be so far behind in your economy, even if you are still cleaning waves, that you don’t even notice until it’s too late, and the enemy has amassed an impressive economy behind your back.

Don’t get caught off guard, use our guide to the best Wave 1-3 setup for a number of different army choices.

FighterCostHPDPSExtra Gold w1Atk/Defw1w2w3total $ w3
Bone Crusher15+95 (110)114037140122220
Bounty Hunter40+12516607085112330
Eternal Wanderer125770×230(45)125122250
Green Devil40+12010506390112380
Royal Guard50+13520805865112370
Sand Badger19524605755111195
Priestess of the Abyss19010004660111190

These are a bunch of the most common starts in the game. There are more units we could try, and I feel bad if I missed your favorite, but these are the ones I am most familiar with.

Best Income

The biggest issue with the early game is creating enough units on the board to hold attacks and building enough workers to be able to compete with your opponent’s economy in the late game.

My strategy for combating this difficult balance is using the most efficient units in the first few rounds to make sure I can get the most workers out in the first few waves as possible. When I first started thinking about this problem, it occurred to me that the best strategy would be to get the lowest cost of units on the board that will clear each wave, and the units that take the most time to clear, in order for the economy you are creating the most time to work.

Hence, I think that the lowest DPS / Highest Tank / Lowest Cost units are probably the best for this.

As you can see from the table at the top, some units are easily able to tank the first few waves of the game, while still being cost-efficient. Let’s take a look at some numbers:


From the table, you can see that Gateguard at first seems like a great unit, you have enough gold for 3 workers and a solid 5 workers start from wave 1, and you can simply buy another one for wave 2, and just buy workers for wave 3. The problem that, is without causing your opponent to leak for some reason, there’s no way to get to 100g for another gatekeeper after wave 1. you need another unit on the board. And, if you have a unit that costs 30g and can clear with your Gateguard, then you can have 6 workers and clear wave 2 potentially. However, this hypothetical exercise doesn’t account for other units you have, since there are thousands of possible team comps, and we can’t talk about them all.

The point is, the Gatekeeper, while good on wave 1, will fall apart on wave 2 without some backup.


This excellent unit can hold wave 1 with ease, and can almost hold wave 2 by itself. However, again you will need another unit on wave 2, similar to the Gateguard, you will need other units to clear waves 2 and 3. In this case, with wave 2 you need 2 Oathbreakers, which you cannot get by Wave 2 with 5 workers on wave 1.

However, unlike the Gateguard, Oathbreaker is the level 2 upgraded version of the Chained Fist, and you do have access to at least a splitting tank that you can use to help with waves 2 and 3. However, you will still need a DPS unit somewhere on the board as even 2 Chained Fists and one Oathkeeper will not clear wave 2.


Yozora is considered to be one of the best, if not THE best tanks. She will tank waves 1.2 and 3 solo.

PLEASE NOTE: Yozora will only tank wave 3 with a sliver of health, and it’s recommended you pair her with at least one more unit to help with wave 3 since if they send even a snail, you will leak.

Starting Yozora will allow you to dump all your gold into workers from waves 1 and 2, and you should have a very healthy economy, even with shoring up your wave 3 with some fighters to plan for an enemy send.

Priestess of the Abyss

This DPS unit is one of the only units that can clear waves 1,2, and 3 solo. The downside to this unit is that a 40 mythium send on wave 2 is likely to crush her, and the same on wave 3. She can hold a snail on both waves, but nothing more. She has a great heal that she uses to carry the waves, but a little more DPS in the wave is always going to hurt her.

However, if you manage to survive the first 3 waves with no leaks, you should have 9 workers and 83 gold on Wave 4 build phase.


The tank with room to grow. The Wileshroom is actually an underrated tank. If you have any kind of healing on your team, from the Head Chef, or some Desert Pilgrims, the regen on the unit, combined with the fact that it starts at 50% HP, means it can outlast quite a few enemies, especially when combined with some good single-target DPS, which chew through units quickly and lowering the overall DPS the Wileshroom has to tank, giving its regen even more value.

Now, at the start of the game, the regen on the Wileshrrom is really powerful, and especially if you use a split strategy to half the DPS on each unit, I think the Wileshroom is a viable tank and a good start.

The downside again is that we don’t typically play this game in a vacuum, and we are going to get sends. The Wileshroom will handle sends on wave 3 poorly, anything other than a single snail and you will leak. So, just like other units, you need a bit of backup on round 3 when playing with other players.

End Game

Okay, the elephant in the room is the end game, and how viable each of these starts is for your end game, and the truth is, some of these tanks will fit well into your comp and some will not. However, any start that gives you 2 extra workers over your lane opponent on wave 3 will snowball you into a lead that more than makes up for having a unit that’s maybe not as viable late game as it was at the start of the game.

My recommendations for your first few waves

I think that depending on your starting fighters, and what you are comfortable playing, a Yozora, Wileshroom or an Oathbreaker start is incredibly strong. However, which tank you choose should consider your overall team comp. A single-target strategy favours splitting the wave, and slowly taking out one enemy unit at a time, while an AoE build favors a single hearty front line with a pile of AoE units behind it punishing the wave at the same time. Yozora is a great AoE tank, but may not be the most cost-efficient in a splitting strategy until a bit later in the game. Keep in mind you can always build on either the right or the left side of the map at first, dealing with the entire wave at once, and then split later by building up the opposite side of the map with tanks to split the wave when the waves get a bit harder to deal with at once.

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