Best Fan Controllers in 2020

Whenever someone talks about a new gaming PC build. The first thing that pops up in mind is a stylish PC with magnificent aesthetics, RGB lighting, fancy case fans, amongst other things.

What many don’t know is gaming PCs often need more than two case fan in order to cool properly.

Managing two case fans is easy.

Best Fan Controller
But when it comes to 3 or 4, things start to get a bit problematic. That’s where a fan controller can help you.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the best fan controllers available on the market. Before we proceed, we are going to look into some basic comparison and specifications that you need to know about when in the market for a new fan controller.

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The Best Fan Controllers in 2020

1. Kingwin Performance 4 – Best Controller for Fans

The Kingwin Performance 4 can 5 case fans at a time easily. The dial control makes it easy to navigate and change settings. The LCD lets you monitor different statistics like temperature and fan speed.

Our Pick

Kingwin Performance 4 has plenty to offer keeping in mind what it costs. If you are looking for a fan controller that is reasonably priced then this is a great option to consider.

Here is everything that you need to know about the Kingwin Performance 4 fan controller.



2. AC Infinity Controller 2 – Premium Fan Controller

The AC infinity controller 2 comes with an onboard processor so that it can monitor the speed of all the connected fans effectively. The digital LCD display shows information that you may want to monitor and it can also be used for navigation and settings.

Our Premium Pick

The AC Infinity Controller 2 comes with plenty of features. The major selling point is that it can adjust the speeds of different fans according to the temperature of the case. If that is something that you want then this is a great product that you should look into.

The AC infinity 2 can control up to six fans at the same time. The automated response present allows it to adjust the cooling and airflow depending on the temperature of the components inside the PC.



3. Thermaltake Commander – Best Touch Screen Fan Controller

The Thermaltake Commander is a full touchscreen fan controller that is able to monitor the speed of many case fans at the same time. The controller comes with a 5.5″ touchscreen display. You get both 3 and 4 pin connectors and 5 channels. Each channel can deliver 10 watts and 5 fans can be connected.

Touch Screen Fan Controller

The Thermaltake Commander FT despite having some issues is one of the most used controllers on the market right now. That is because of the features it has to offer. If you want these features at a reasonable price then you should go for it.

The controller can but into the HDD bay and can be hidden from sight. You can choose between performance and silent modes. Auto mode allows the controller to monitor the temperature of the rig and adjust fan speeds accordingly but you can do that manually as well.



4. NZXT Sentry 3

NZXT Sentry 3 is a really famous fan controller in the PC building community. The design is simple and unique and it also comes with a responsive 5.44-inch touchscreen is responsive. The controller has a premium feel because it is made of stainless steel. Other than that, the controller comes with both 3-pin and 4-pin connectors.

NZXT Sentry 3 is one of the most respectable fan controllers on the market right now. If you are already using NZXT products especially the case of fans then this is a no-brainer.

In total, the controller offers 5 channels each delivers 15 watts and can accommodate three fans. Sentry 3 also comes with integrated overvoltage, under voltage and short circuit protection so you won’t need to worry about power delivery issues.

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5. Aerocool Touch2000

The Aerocool fan and temperature controller comes with a large LCD touchscreen and can control up to 4 fans at a time. The controller comes with an overheating alarm which warns you when the temperature of the case is getting too high.

Aerocool Fan controller is a versatile touchscreen controller with many options. The price tag is a bit high but the features it comes with justifies that. If you are willing to spend some extra cash for additional features then this is a great option to consider.



6. iPower Exhaust

iPower Exhaust fan Speed Controller does not come with an LCD display but it is compact. The controller has a 3-pole grounded plug so you won’t have to deal with extra wires. It has a switch with three settings for fan speed; high, medium and low.

Budget Fan Controller

The iPower Exhaust Fan speed controller is a great option to consider if you need to connect 3 fans and do not want a display.

The fans can run between 50% speed and full speed. The controller won’t run the fans too slowly and hence will protect the fan motors from dying. The controller comes with a 1-year warranty.



7. Kingwin FPX-001

The Kingwin fan controller can control and monitor two sets of fan speeds and temperature at the same time. The controller also comes with additional ports such as USB 3.0, card reader and eSATA port.

Cheap Fan Controller

Kingwin fan controller comes with plenty of features that you would not get on a standard fan controller. If you want a controller that provides plenty of additional ports then here is a great option to consider.

The 5.25-inch display shows different statistics that you might want to monitor and it will also tell you when the temperature is too high.



8. Thermaltake Commander F6

The Thermaltake Commander comes with an RGB LCD screen which looks gorgeous but you have to pay a premium for the feature. 6 voltage knobs allow you to adjust the amount of power each fan gets.
Thermaltake Commander is an RGB fan controller is expensive but it offers plenty of features that you don’t get with other controllers. If you want a controller that is functional and looks good as well then this is a great option to look into.

6 temperature sensors help monitor the temperature of the case. You also get a warning alarm and a short circuit protection system. The Thermaltake Commander is also compatible with up to 2 LED strips. This fan controller comes with a 1-year warranty.



9. Corsair Commander Pro

The Corsair Commander Pro is an expensive fan controller but it comes with six 4-pin fan connectors that come with voltage and PWM control. The controller also supports RGB LED lights. You also get two USB 2.0 ports which might not be the fastest in the world but are a great feature to have. The Corsair Link software lets you play with all kinds of different settings.

The Corsair Commander Pro is a bit expensive as compared to other fan controllers on the market but it does offer plenty of useful features. If you already have a Corsair case of Corsair branded fans then this will be a great addition to your build.



10. PWM Fan Hub

The PWM Fan hub is known for its compact size. There is only a single wire but it can control 4 case fans. It is compatible with fans that have 3-pin and 4-pin connectors. The hub comes with adhesive on the back to it can be mounted inside the case.

PWM Fan Hub might not be the most good-looking fan controller but it is inexpensive and will get the job done. If you are not interested in investing too much money into a fan controller then this is something that you might be interested in.

PWM fan hub comes in a very compact size with a great portability option. You can easily connect up to 4 case fans with this fan splitter. One of the main reason to buy this fan splitter is its affordable price range.



What to Look for in a Fan Controller

Fan Controller PC build

What is a Fan Controller?

A fan controller is a device used to manage all the case fans in a PC. They can be used to provide support for extra fans which your motherboard might not support. The fan controller can manage the speed and lighting effects of all the fans in your system which can make things easier.

Things to Look Out for

Some of the important things that you must look out for when in the market for a fan controller are as follows:


Design might not be a major concern when picking up a fan controller but if you are getting one then you might as well get one that looks good too. There are plenty of different kinds of controllers on the market and you will be able to find one that matches your build.


Today some fan controllers now come with a touchscreen. Even though this is not a must-have feature, it can make life a bit easier.


There is two type of connectors i.e. 3-pin connector and 4-pin connector. Different fans have different connectors and if you are not sure which kind your PC fans have then you can pick up a controller that has both.


A good fan controller has at least 4 to 5 channels so that they can easily connect 4 to 5 case fans. The number of channels you need depends on how many case fans you need to connect.

Getting a controller that has more channels ensures that it will be able to support additional fans if you ever need to upgrade your rig in the future.

Well, after some necessary things to point out, we have compiled a list of some of the best fan controllers for you so that you can easily choose the best one according to your needs and requirements.
What is a Fan Controller?

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fan Controller

A fan controller is not something that everyone is interested in. You might be tempted to pick up the cheapest one available on the market but that is not something that you should do. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you are in the market for a new fan controller.

Certain factors to consider before choosing a fan controller are as follows:

2-Pin, 3-Pin or 4-Pin Model?

A lot of gamers get confused in choosing a good fan controller when it comes to connector type. That’s why we have decided to clear the confusion and list some of the basic differences between a 2-pin model, a 3-pin model and a 4-pin model.

2-Pin fan Controllers:

2-Pin fan controllers are outdated. They are still be used for systems that require only basic cooling. One of the pins is for positive current while the other one is for ground connection or negative current.

3-Pin Fan Controllers:

3-Pin fan controllers are updated and advanced versions of the 2-pin models. The third pin delivers information about the fan speed, or RPM. This information can help you monitor and control fans that are connected to the controller.

4-Pin Fan Controller:

The 4th pin is for PWM control and that’s why these models are also known as PWM models. PWM stands for pulse width modification.
These are the basic differences between the kinds of fan controllers that you will find in the market. I hope that this guide has provided you with all the information that you needed to know in order to make an informed purchase decision.


A good fan controller is a necessity, especially if you have got more than 2 case fans to deal with. Here we have recommended some of the best fan controllers that are available on the market.

If you are still confused regarding which option you should go with, pick the NZXT Sentry 3. It is a great controller for the price.

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