Best Desk for Dual Monitors in 2020

When it comes to gaming, space is king. It’s tough to manage your computer setup, especially when using dual monitors on a regular desk.

If you are an avid gamer and seeking the best ways to have a dashing multiple monitor setup, then using a computer desk made for dual monitors can turn out to be the best option.

A computer desk spacious enough that it can accommodate your monitors as well as all your gaming accessories. From gaming to entertainment & office work, a dual monitor setup comes in handy for a wide range of purposes.

Best Desk for Dual Monitors

However, it may not be easy for you to locate the best piece with all the features in the market. In most cases, you would find desks that support only a single monitor on the top surface.

In this post, we put together a review of the top eight products to help you find the best dual monitor computer desks.

Best Overall

Height Adjustable Pick

Budget Pick

So, how can you narrow down your choices to ultimately locate the desk that meets all your requirements?

Choosing a desk for home or office for dual or multiple computer monitors is a matter of personal choice. As such, your choice may vary from others.

Together with it, we will also provide you with some helpful suggestions on buying a computer desk that helps you make an informed choice.

Top 8 Dual Monitor Computer Desks Comparison Table

Desks play an essential role in the gaming world. Some desks are designed specifically to cater to the gamer’s needs. Before you buy a gaming desk, we advise you to run an eye over the highlights of the following desks. Here is a comparison table of the 8-best desks for dual monitor setup.

Arozzi Arena Gaming DeskStandard5.3” width, 2.7” depth176 poundsCheck Price
SHW Height Adjustable DeskStandard55” width, 28” depth80 poundsCheck Price
Need Computer DeskStandard63” width, 23.7” depth45 poundsCheck Price
Bush Business Furniture DeskStandard72” width, 26.8” depth104 poundsCheck Price
GreenForest L-Shaped DeskL-Shaped58.1” width, 19.1” depth37.2 poundsCheck Price
AuAg Gaming DeskStandard55.1” width, 26” depth50.7 poundsCheck Price
Need Office DeskStandard63” width, 23.7 depth45 poundsCheck Price
Need All-in-one DeskStandard60” width, 23.6 depth51.8 poundsCheck Price

With so many options available in the market, choosing the right dual monitor desk is not an easy task. Check out the detailed reviews to make an informed decision.

The Best Desks for Dual Monitors in 2020

1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best Dual Monitor Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is 63 inches wide and 32.3 inches deep. It has enough space on the top surface to house at least three medium-sized monitors along with keyboard and mouse. If you are into gaming, then this table gives you all the good reasons to go for it as it has just about enough room for accommodating multiple gaming devices alongside the multiple setups for monitors.

Our Pick

If you invest in this product, you will get a mouse pad made of quality material. Plus, moving this table is simple and effortless as you can divide it into three sections.

The gaming desk also does not disappoint its users on the front of its design. As far as this feature is concerned, it comes with an appealing design. For those who have color preferences, it comes with five attractive color options to choose from.

Whether you do any productive work or play your favorite game, the sturdiness and comfort of a desk are the two elements that motivate you to exceed your expectations. Fortunately, this desk possesses both attributes. Moreover, it comes with the height adjusting options, which means you can adjust it to the height of your choice. It is beneficial, especially if a single desk is to be used by multiple users with different heights.

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2. SHW Electric Desk – Best Height Adjustable Desk for Dual Monitors

This desk comes with all the attributes that standard users look for. From adjusting the height to enough spacing, it brings a bunch of useful features to the table. It is a sturdily built desk. Apart from this, it has good cable management option. As such, you can bank on its strength while playing games or doing any productive work using desktops mounted on the top of this table.

Our Height Adjustable Pick

If you have been looking for a desk with adjustable options for a long time, then this unit will help you meet the requirement. The only thing is that you need to get used to assemble its various parts

No matter what your height is, this table gives you plenty of room for customization. It consists of 4 memory keys for adjusting the height up to your liking. Though it comes with a wide range of height adjustment options, it is essentially a standing desk. If you do not like the arrangement of working in front of the computer being seated for hours, then this is the desk in which you may want to invest.



3. Need Computer Desk – Best Budget Desk for Dual Monitors

Need computer desk comes with a spacious top that can support more than two monitors. From the outset, it looks like a simple table, but a host of advantages that it brings together can astonish any average user. The best part about this table is its stability. It is made with a firm material that yields the table enough support. For an average user, it translates into the freedom to put multiple screen monitors on top of the table.

Our Budget Pick

Normally, tables are prone to developing scratches and wear and tear due to water damage. However, you can invest in this product with the assurance that it will neither develop scratches nor show signs of any damage due to the contact of its surface with water.

Unlike the majority of other alternatives to this table, this one is much easier to assemble. Owing to this feature, it ranks high on the list of tables in terms of user-friendliness. In a way, it makes sense as a difficult-to-assemble unit can make things difficult for its users. No one has time in this world to invest in assembling the parts of a standing desk. You can make it stand even on an uneven surface.



4. Bush Business Furniture Desk

Bush Business Furniture Desk provides plenty of legroom for a comfortable experience while working on a desk. Are you someone who likes to keep the table clear of the clutter? If yes, then this desk can help you. It has a well-integrated cable management option that can clear all the desk clutter. Its surface is resistant to scratches. Thus, you can put a laptop, smartphone, or printer with the assurance that your expensive devices and peripherals would remain intact from developing scratch marks.

Great Business Desk

Overall, the standing desk has several notable features. If you want the best working desk experience with comfort, then this is the product for you. Its wide spacious surface and excellent cable management features make it one of the most preferred computer desks.

As far as the usability of this piece is concerned, it is suitable for use both in homes and workplaces. Generally, it has enough space to accommodate two people. However, you can also turn it into a multi-person workspace, depending on the number of workstations that you may want to mount on it.

The product also ticks all the right boxes of needs in terms of design and appearance. It comes with seven two-tone finishes. Plus, the desk is also based on modern design.



5. GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

You may find many gaming desks with attractive designs. But GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk is the pick of the bunch among them. From the office to home, this is a desk that is built for performing a wide range of tasks. Its architecture is such that it can accommodate all your gaming accessories. It is a stable and secure desk; you need not do any serious shaking or movement to adjust it.

Probably, this is the one-of-its type of gaming desk that allows its users to switch between the longer and shorter side as per their convenience.

With the help of foot cups present at the bottom, you can adjust the height, PC, and other peripherals as per your comfort. On the design front, this desk unveils a plethora of impressive features. The notable characteristic among them is its sleek and modern design. Aside from providing enough space to keep things without any inconvenience on the top of the desk, it also jazzes up the overall appearance of the unit.



6. AuAg Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk

An enhanced desk primarily for gaming, this desk is known for its flexibility. Featuring a large gaming surface this desk is tailor-made for meeting the requirements of gamers.

The desk helps users in doing away with the usual clutter so they can focus more on playing their game. Sturdily built, this desk essentially underscores the feature of durability. It is well supported by its hexagonal steel leg.

Great for Triple Monitors

The desk has a holder for holding your headphones. Plus, it is water-resistant. Overall, the desk has all the features that a gamer may need for a user-friendly and comfortable game playing experience.

Other features of this table include well-conceived cabling management, which helps conceal the cables. As a result, it makes the desk look organized even with multiple cables running through it.

Last but not least, the desk comes with foot adjustable option for a comfortable game playing experience. By making use of this option, you can adjust the height even on an uneven surface.



7. Need Office Desk

Highly stable, and packed with powerful dimensions, Need Office Desk is the ultimate desk for all office needs. Its high stability is characterized by an environment-friendly wood board. One can use it as a training table office desk, writing desk, and for some other uses.

If you have been searching for a table that can help boost your productivity in your workspace, then this table is the right option for you. Though it is tailor-made for office use, you can use it for a variety of purposes in your way. It is suitable for several purposes.

Unlike the majority of other desk alternatives that are available in the market, this desk does not lead to any hassle in terms of assembling its parts. You can open it as well as fold it at your will. To make it perfect for use, the manufacturers of this desk provide adjustable leg pads. Using these leg pads, you can adjust the table height as per your comfort level.

In terms of design, this table brings clean aesthetics to the fore. The manufacturers of the desk have taken enough care to offer it robust stability and support so that it caters to all the needs of workplaces. Its scratch-resistant laminate finish keeps the table well-protected from common wear and tear.



8. Need All-in-one Computer Desk

If you are into the habit of drinking a beverage or any other drink while sitting in front of the computer, then this table is what you may want to go for. You can interchange the position of the ashtray and drop-in cup holder, depending on your personal preference. Also, it consists of a controller hanger. You can either choose to install it inward or outward.

If you want to adjust the position of the monitor to suit your vision while playing games, you can do it effortlessly by moving the monitor to the position of your choice.

The desk has all the arrangements by which you can get the feel of the best gaming experience. You can store all your gaming accessories and other devices. It has enough room to support this feature.



Things to Look for in a Desk for Dual or Multiple Monitors

Whether you are planning to buy a desk for dual or multiple monitor setup for home or office, you can have countless numbers of options.

But picking the right desk from so many options is like picking a needle from a heap of garbage.

You should know how to choose the best desk for a dual monitor. To help you in making the right decision, here we are going to tell the things you should consider when buying a dual desk.

Best Dual Monitor Computer Desks


When buying a computer desk, the first and foremost thing you need to take into consideration is the space. It will depend on how many monitors you wish to mount on the top of the desk. Generally, a dual computer monitor desk will have adequate space for at least two monitors of average size. But if you want to fit more monitors or giant-sized monitors, you will need a spacious desk.

Apart from placing multiple monitors, you will also need more space to clear the clutter. Regardless of whether your rationale behind going for this kind of desk is playing games or doing any other piece of work, you may not want to end up cramping for space. Enough room on the desk will allow you to do your work with ease and comfort.

In the market, you are likely to find L-shaped and U-shaped desks. The latter is generally believed to be more spacious in comparison to the former.

Height Adjustable Options

This feature is closely linked to ergonomics. Depending on whether you are tall or short in height, you must be able to adjust the height of your desk so that you do not experience any discomfort while using it. Whether you consider working on the desk being seated or standing erect, this feature will come in handy for you in both situations.

You will find the height adjustment option with most computer desks available in the market. But you may want to go with a desk that allows you to work in seated as well as standing positions. Being able to maintain the optimum height while working on these positions will have an impact on your posture and well-being. So, you may not want to leave any stone unturned in ensuring that you go for the best piece.

Furthermore, the type of height adjustment option will also matter in the selection of a computer desk for multiple monitor setup. Some come across with electronic options that are automatic. Others may necessitate manual setup. Choose your piece wisely on this front by factoring in all your requirements.


Though overlooked by the majority of people who consider shopping for computer desks, handedness is an element that can save you from a lot of hassle later on if you consider it at the time of buying your computer desk. Handedness is all about considering which of your two arms – left or right – you use primarily while performing your tasks.

Ideally, you would want to ensure that the hand on which you rely on the most for executing all your tasks gets more share of the space. Plus, you may also want your desk to be in alignment with the side on the side of your primary arm. L-shaped desks are known to fare better than U-shaped desks on this count.

However, while choosing one between the two versions of the computer desk, you may also want to consider if handedness features on top of the list of your requirements. It will be particularly important as you may need to overlook one or a couple of other features to get this one right.


Resting your feet would be as much important as other factors while working with your computer on your desk. A computer desk for multiple monitor setup with sufficient legroom will help you work for hours without feeling fatigued. Therefore, make sure you do not overlook this important feature while taking the final call on your computer desk.

gamers at gaming desk with multiple monitors

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that the unit I’m buying is durable?

The durability of a computer desk depends on the material with which it is built. Keeping the factors like the vulnerability of desks to breakage and the element of environment-friendliness in mind, it is important to go with a sturdy piece that is built with eco-friendly material.

Why is it important to consider the built-in cable management?

To make your desk look neat and organized, you may want to ensure that it is free from clutter. Focussing on the built-in cable management feature can be of great help to you in this connection. Even as you feel the need for running multiple cables, this element will come in handy in making your desk look tidy.

Is it necessary to look for cups while buying a computer desk?

It depends on the surface on which you are likely to place your newly-bought desk. Chances are you may end up doing it on a surface that is uneven or not at a level. In such a case, cups will help you balance the table so that you do not find it shaky while playing a game or doing any other piece of work.

Final Verdict

After considering all the features, Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk emerges as the clear winner. Notwithstanding the difficulty in adjusting its height, which is a common element among most desk units available in the market, its pros outweigh its cons.

Speaking of the positives of this variant of computer desk for dual monitor, there is not just one but a host of features that yield it more points compared to the other versions in the market. It is spacious, sturdily built, possesses built-in cable management, and comes with a mousepad of good quality. Moreover, you can also wash it to keep it clean and tidy.

Apart from this, you must have a clear idea of what you want it to look like. You may want it to look in a particular way based on your preferences. To begin with, jot down your requirements. It will make it simple and easy for you to find a piece of your choice that will help you meet all the requirements.

Despite our top recommendations, a lot will depend on your preferences. Make sure that you make an informed decision by weighing the pros and cons of the aforementioned units along with the considerations suggested in the buying guide.

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