FIFA 20 Volta Modes: Everything You Need to Know Guide

Fifa 20 is out now and EA has introduced major changes in its gameplay as well as multiple new modes to have fun playing football. Mixed reviews are pouring in as the game is being played day by day. We got our hands on the game through the early access offer EA has rolled out. After three days of intense gaming sessions, here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 20 and its new game modes!

Fifa 20 Classic mode

Straight off the bat, you’ll notice a dip in the overall gameplay speed that you’ve gotten used to in Fifa 19. In all honesty, Fifa 20 does have a more realistic pace to the game when compared to its predecessors. Players now have a fraction of a second more to make decisions and take control of the game a bit better.

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Penalties and freekicks have changed drastically and will take some time for anyone to get used to it (including the pros). The proper technique hasn’t been perfected yet and might take a few weeks for the pros to figure it out. Apart from this, all the major skill moves from the previous titles remain included and a few new ones have been added.

Fifa 20 Classic mode

Unfortunately in this edition of FIFA, Juventus has been renamed to “Pienmonte Calcio” as EA failed to renew the official license package of the club this year. Do not worry! “Cristiano Ronaldo is still very much a part of FIFA 20.

fifa 20 king of the hill
fifa 20 modes game play

Volta Football

EA has brought in 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and futsal into its available list of modes. This is basically a colorful re-introduction of FIFA street ( a PS2 game title) with some insane graffiti themed graphics and whole new bunch of characters.

volta football fifa

Volta football has a story mode which start by assembling a team and climbing up the street ranks. This guide is not going to feature any story spoilers, but yes, you’ll have to play through the script to unlock various stadium locations and other perks.

The character you choose to play has tons of customizable cosmetics to choose from. EA has gone for a “swagger” approach by instilling strong emotional characters into their script.

Volta football also features a house rules playlist which has 3 custom modes in it.

Volta football house rules playlist

Quick Tips for Volta

  • L2/LT + R1/RT while in movement activates auto-skill mode
  • Small sized posts do not have the “Auto” feature enabled for shooting, hence you’ll have to manually perfect shooting

New Game modes in House Rules

Fifa 19 had introduced new offline game modes under the tab “house rules”. Now, you can play these modes online and EA has even added two exciting new additions to the game.

Mystery Ball

This mode is absolutely chaotic when played the first time. Later it slowly becomes exciting and very addictive.

mystery ball fifa 20

The team holding possession of ball is gifted single fully boosted attribute which is mentioned on the top right of the screen. These attributes are selected at random and even have multipliers linked with them. For example, goals scored during a 3x multiplier awards 3 goals to the team.

boosts in fifa 20

The boosted attributes can be any one of the following,

  • Speed Boost
  • Dribbling Boost
  • Shooting Boost
  • Passing Boost
  • All boost: All attributes are boosted making literally every player on the team a GOAT

Everytime the game is stopped by the whistle, the trait changes. The key of this game mode is to understand how to make use of each trait and perform accordingly. For example, when “speed boost” is in play, the whole team makes offensive support runs beating defenders in a matter of a few strides. Just make sure your players are onside and hold that sprint button down.

dribbling boost fifa

As mentioned previously, make sure you’re monitoring the multipliers and utilize them at the right time. Multipliers are decided at random and can change the result of the match at any given moment.

King of the hill

king of the hill volta

King of the hill is the second addition to the existing playlist available under the “House Rules” section of Fifa 20.

In this mode, a rectangle box appears at random positions on the field. The main objective is for either one of the teams have to hold possession within the mentioned box. A timer which starts at “0” appears under each team’s player names and it changes “1x, 2x and 3x” depending on the amount of time the ball was within the box.

timer multiplier fifa 20

The number shown in the circle signifies the goal multiplier. For a team to get on the scoreboard they have to hold possession and make sure the multiplier isn’t at 0 when they shoot for goal. If the multiplier is at “0” and a goal is scored, it becomes void and a goal kick is given. Scoring when the multiplier is at “3x” grants three goals which is the max multiplier in this mode.

This mode primarily focuses on holding position and playing short passes. At times the game forces you to keep possession deep within your own half, forcing you to play short defensive passes as well. Overall, a new exciting mode with goal multipliers and a possession driven gameplay.

Well, that’s about it for now. We’ll be updating our blog with more guides on Fifa 20 and many other such games. Let us know in the comments what you think about Fifa 20!

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