FIFA 20 Best Formations: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City & Liverpool

FIFA 20 has been endorsing Volta football in almost every advertising campaign in the past few months. As much of the hype they’re trying to create around it, everyone knows that it all comes down to picking your favorite teams and playing a regular 11v11 match for the ultimate bragging rights.

Fifa’s classic 11v11 mode has been their highlight ever since the game’s inception.

So what’s changed since Fifa 19? A LOT!

The overall gameplay speed has reduced significantly adding more realistic reactions and a controlled pace to the game. Tactics now play a very important role as more and more data is being fed into the game every year. New formations have been added and users are creating their very own formations as well. The teams that are being mentioned below ideally use a 4-3-3 formation with variations in terms of width in the midfield. Some teams stay compact, whereas others use a wider formation.

Let’s Dissect the top teams in the game that are using the traditional 4-3-3 formation,


The first noticeable change is on the left wing. Antoine Greizman has now replaced Philippe Coutinho and has an overall attribute of 89. Also, Frankie De Jong joins the midfield leaving Vidal on the bench along with Dembele and Umtiti.

Barcelona formations fifa

The best formation for Barcelona in Fifa 20 remains the same 4-3-3. Making use of Dembele as a second-half substitute will be key, as his pace is literally unstoppable against tired wing-backs. Unlike the last season, Barcelona has many options on the bench that can easily replace injured or struggling players during the game. Vidal and Umtiti are the other big names on the bench and both of these players are impact substitutions if you’re trying to hold a slender lead.

Real Madrid

The poster boy of FIFA 20 and Real’s biggest signing of the season “Eden Hazard” now features with the La Liga giants. In this season, the default formation of the club has been set to 4-3-3 false 9. For players with a long history of choosing Real Madrid as their go-to team, you might want to fiddle around and figure out an alternative line-up with the 4-3-3 (Holding) formation.

real madrid formations fifa

Besides the introduction of Eden Hazard into the mix, Madrid’s bench features Luka Jovic the new striker who joined from the German league. His main attributes are volley (84) and finishing (86).

Make sure to switch from the “false 9” formation to the other 4-3-3 options when Luka is subbed on. At the time of launch, Bale and a few others have been moved over to the “Reserves” and have to manually included in the team sheet before each game.

Manchester City

After a successful domestic treble campaign in 2018-2019, EA has made sure that City remains the most powerful team in England. This team is all about the midfield, they even have with players like Leroy Sane with 90+ attributes on the bench. Bringing him on in the second is definitely doing to cause worries for any opponents.

Manchester City formations fifa

Manchester City default tactic is set to press aggressively without the ball. With the ball, City’s offensive tactic is possession-based and you can notice a lot of players coming closer asking for the ball rather than making support runs. Also, this team might not always win aerial battles because of their frontline’s physique. Hence, make sure you use driven passes (especially while using players like De Bryune) instead of the usual long ball passes.

Also, if you’re trailing and you’d like to attack your opponent from both wings, Mahrez would be a good option along with Sane. The amount of speed available within this team is insane.


Champions of Europe! Liverpool is the second-highest-rated team from England despite their UCL success. Three of the best defenders in Europe are probably in Liverpool. Virgil van Dijk who’s also been nominated for the 2019 Ballon D’or, is a rock-solid player in Fifa 20 as well. Their front line is also as solid as their back four.

liverpool formations fifa

With the likes of both Mane and Salah in the starting lineup, clearly Liverpool prefers a wider formation with the constant switch of wings for instant counter-attacks. Making use of the players in wide position is the strategy to go for when choosing Liverpool.

All of the above-mentioned teams use a 4-3-3 formation. The difference is in the speed of the build play and the width of the team. Manchester City dominates the gameplay by small passes and quick dribbling, the same need not be necessary for the other teams.

What your favorite teams & formations? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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