Best Aim Assist Option in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare released on 25th October 2019, gamers are eager about the new techniques and assistance settings introduced by Infinity Ward (Game Developer).

This particular version of Call of Duty lineage is the 16th installment, which is also a reboot for sub-series of Modern Warfare. As of now, the game is released for platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as Microsoft Windows.

Now, talking about the aim assist options of the game, there are 4-options provided for the players. But before we dive deep into what goes where let us first understand what this term actually means.

What is the Aim Assist Feature in Call of Duty?

Best Aim Assist Option in Call of Duty
The Call of Duty designers has introduced this critical Aim Assist option that has been designed to aid the players as they shoot a moving target. It is especially targeted for the gamers who work with PC controllers. When the player aims with the use of the aim assist option, the screen adjusts itself automatically to follow said opponent at whom the gun is aimed.

As explained by Joe Cecot, the developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the latest aim assist features will work with the multiplayer option as well.

Before the arrival of the open beta version of Modern Warfare, the players had been given a sneak-peek of all the action that has been introduced in the latest version over the PS4 platform. This preview was via the Gunfight Alpha that happened to showcase its latest 2v2 mode.

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While looking through the components of the game’s menu, the players noticed several options for aim assist that were never seen before with the previous versions of the game.

With the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there are 4-standard options provided to the player

Best Aim Assist Options in Call of Duty

  • Disabled: This mode is for disabling the aim assist option.
  • Standard: This legacy aiming option slows down the set aim for a better target hit.
  • Experimental: The experimental option has been incorporated for precision aim in order to introduce a slowdown that eventually factors in for the target velocity.
  • Enhanced: The enhanced option is another precision aim feature to allow the slowdown of the aim on the target along with add-on assists for near-misses.

Each of these options will aid the players with different skill levels. While some of the new players would require more assistance, the ones who have been accustomed to the Call of Duty will require minimal assistance. These new Aim Assist features have been brought along to serve the players with the requirement for the assistance of varying degrees.

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare option has been designed to be completely cross-play with both the PC as well as consoles. The addition of these various options will eventually help balance out things for the player as he aims for a high-score.

As explained by Cecot, each Aim Assist option is specifically different from another.

For example, one of these options doesn’t actually slow down the aim as much as a traditional variant of Aim Assist when you are pointing close to your target. This feature would surely be loved by the high-skill players that have better control over the stick when playing this game. They might feel that they can achieve the target faster than ever with far less help acquired from the system.

Other Inclusions for Modern Warfare

With all the speculations going around among the gaming enthusiasts, there is news that the developer, Infinity Ward, has been considering the addition of the ADS Slider feature for the Modern Warfare. However, there shall be no FOV slider feature for the console users.

More can only be known about these Aim Assist features after it has been thoroughly tried and tested by the gamers.

As of now, we can only assume that these features would add another level of mastery for the players who love to shoot in style. With so many improvements in this latest iteration by Infinity Ward, the players can definitely expect new things to explore and improve their existing gaming skills.

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