Top 12 Best Attachments & Perks in Modern Warfare Call of Duty 2021

Post its recent release, Call of Duty-Modern Warfare has acquired a massive fan following. Even though the game had a mixed reception before with reports of the game crashing, it surely opened up to fairly positive reviews.

In our previous post, we discussed about the best aim assist options provided by the Call of Duty-Modern Warfare. Today, we shall delve deep into the top 10 best attachments loadouts and weapon customization provided by the creators of this first-person shooter game.

Best Attachments in Modern Warfare

The Best Attachments & Perks in Modern Warfare

With the official release of Modern Warfare, players have started exploring all the different attachment loadouts. If you are someone new to this whole Call of Duty first-person shooter gaming experience, let us simplify things for you with this list of the top 12 best attachments for the loadouts in the game.

But before we proceed, one thing that you need to remember is the fact that not all attachments tend to be universal. While one might work perfectly with the m5, it doesn’t mean it will work with the m4 as well.

In general, they might not transfer on a one-to-one basis. The entire nature of the attachments will be very situational. While some will be universal, some might not work well with different weapons.

Let us begin with the attachments designed for the ones that want to explore the map & get a bit of mobility with their set up. In short, you can define it as a running gun, but it can be turned a bit passive when there is a need.

12. 60 Round Mag for M4A1

best mag modern warfare

If you love using the M4A1, the 60 mag option would surely be a fantastic perk for your gameplay. At first, you will unluck the 50 round mag, use that until you got the final 60 round. Just don’t forget to switch once you got it.

The big con is obvious, you will get an additional 20 rounds compared to the stock mag. This makes a huge difference as you can never have enough ammo in this game.

You will literally run into 5-10 enemies at once some times, making this a very important attachment. However, when it comes to the cons we got less aim down sigh speed and decrease in movement speed. The movement speed is in our opinion the biggest drawback, as many attachments have the same con. You don’t want to be a slow target so if you use this, make sure not to stack too many movements speed nerfs.

11. 10mm Mag for mp5

best mp5 attachment modern warfare

If you are one who really prefers the mp5 and its incredible high fire rate when the 10mm mag is a given for you. It will turn it into the ultimate melting machine on the battlefields.

Check for this attachment under the guns magazine section; if you do not have it yet, we highly recommend getting it.

Essentially, it gives extra damage, but in return, sacrifices some of the overall fire rates and aiming recoil. But to be honest, this is a weapon made for close combats, and with the extra damage, you will quickly get more killstreaks. A mandatory attachment, in our opinion, for the mp5.

10. Light Weight Barrel​

Light Weight Barrel​ call of duty

Making the mp5 even stronger, go with the lightweight barrel. This will give a quicker aim-down-sight speed, which can be the difference between a win or loss in a duel.

What this means is that you can look down at your sights quicker compared to before. However, like most attachments, there are pros and cons.

With this particular addon, you’ll lose a bit of your current bullet velocity. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have an aggressive playstyle and always on the move.

This attachment can also be used with the m4a1. Still, we feel it’s much more suitable for the mp5 as the m4a1 is a more versatile weapon, and the bullet velocity can often be to your disadvantage. But if you spend most of your time indoors, it can be a good pick.

9. Heavy-Duty barrel

heavy duty barrel call of duty

With the opposite of the light barrel, we have the heavy-duty barrel.

If you are looking for more impact as opposed to mobility with your weapon, you will be best suited to go for the heavy-duty barrel. In this case, you will increase your speed for aim-down-sight, but on the other hand, get more enhanced range damage along with better bullet velocity.

Much more suitable for mid and long-range situations, a must-have for many guns in Modern Warfare.

8. Underbarrel (Tactical Foregrip)

modern warfare Tactical Foregrip

While continuing with the best barrel attachments of Call of Duty, we have the underbarrel next in line. With the tactical foregrip attachment, you’ll get access to an angled grip that helps keep the weapon very steady when you aim.

Extra useful for long-range situations obviously, especially with heavy firing guns with low fire rate.

When you use this attachment, you get benefits such as aiming stability as well as recoil stabilization but at the cost of movement speed. Not a great pick for the rusher!

7. Short Barrel

modern warfare Short Barrel

Next one, our ultimate barrel worth mentioning in this top 10 list, the short barrel. This will enable you to have quick down-sight-aim speed as well as keeping your existing movement speed will aiming.

An excellent attachment for the aggressive and competitive players who are hunting tose high killstreaks.

In our opinion, one of the best attachments for the m4a1 in Modern Warfare as it’s extra effective with this particular weapon.

So what is the downside you ask?

You will lose some of your bullet velocity along with a small penalty for recoil control. Still not too bad of a trade-off.

6. Stock M16 Grenadier

Stock M16 Grenadier call of duty

Another option you can go with is the Stock M16 Grenadier. This heavy-duty barrel is 20 inches and is known to increase the muzzle velocity significantly. Apart from that, it extends the range of your shots.

In short, the pros of this attachment; it gives features such as better damage range, higher bullet velocity, as well as enhanced recoil control.

However, you’ll have to sacrifice some movement speed and speed for aim-down-sight, but that being said, you get perks that are worth this small sacrifice.

Tip: you can also switch this with the Corvus Custom Marksman barrel, which has exactly the same pros and cons. The Corvus one you unlock much later, so we can only assume its slightly better even though no evidence of so. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

5. Four-Time Hybrid Magnification Sight

best sight in Modern Warfare

The best sight in Modern Warfare, the 4x hybrid magnification sight, which goes hand in hand with the heavy-duty barrel.

This attachment is made for weapons like the m13 and similar, the four-time magnification sight helps you hit those mid and long-range shots way easier.

It has also has quick aim-down-sight for being a far-reaching scope. While zoomed in, you can toggle between different magnification settings like 2x or 4x, which makes it versatile.

However, like most magnification, it will increase the idle-sway control as the biggest drawback of this scope.

4. Frangible Wounding

Frangible Wounding modern warfare

As you might have noticed by now, when playing Modern Warfare, there is a regeneration of your health while not in combat. This can be particularly annoying when chasing an enemy that is getting away.

With the frangible wounding attachment, you will briefly delay or disable the existing regeneration of the enemy player’s health. This can be great in mid-range situations where you know you have got a great chunk of the enemies’ health, and you have to run after.

You don’t have much time in must fights as you probably will end up in another person’s scope very soon. This enables you to finish more kills instead of getting a lot of assists. Not the most impressive attachment, but still an excellent addition if it fits your playstyle.

3. Frangible Disabling

Frangible Disabling cod

Very much like the perk above, this disables your enemy, this time with movement speed. Not only that, it will disable their tactical spring for a short time frame if you hit their legs. Aiming for the legs is not exactly a good idea, but still, a nice bonus if you do.

This crippling power and movement speed decrease are especially useful for long-range weapons with a magnification sight. This will enable you to hit more shots as their movement speed slows down, hence making them a slower target to hit.

Not all weapons offer this particular attachment, and we can only guess it’s because it would be an annoying feature for the opponents.

2. Vertical Foregrip​

Vertical Foregrip​ modern warfare

If the aim is your most significant advantages, we highly recommend the vertical foregrip attachment. Many heavy-duty weapons or even the M4A1 will have a quite substantial kick back while firing. This will easily offset your crosshair after each shot.

However, with this attachment, you will gain enhanced vertical control of the recoil that happens after you fire your weapon.

Making it much easier to sustain a steady aim, but with the drawback of some movement speed. A small sacrifice for better control, in our opinion.

1. Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand modern warfare

If you find your self in a lot of close combat duels that are stressful, this attachment will give an advantage.

This will provide you with extra reload speed. Additionally, with the big surprise, no sacrificing regarding movement speed, recoil, damage loss, or any other feature for that matter.

In other words, this attachment gives no downside to your performance, just a very nice perk in situations where quickness is everything. This might very well be the best attachment in Modern Warfare regards to its versatility and no cons. Some times the simple things are the greatest.

This perk can be used with almost all of the weapons in Modern Warfare, some of them being:

  • M4A1
  • AX-50
  • Kar98k
  • MK2 Carbine
  • M13
  • AK-47
  • FN SCAR 17
  • Origin 12 Shotgun


To wrap things up, this is just a small list of all that you are going to get with the latest Modern Warfare game. With things being explored by gamers all over the world as we speak, you will definitely notice an update to this list with better attachments that will help you with the game in an efficient way.

Hopefully, this list has been successful in providing you a better insight of all that is available for the players and how it is different from its predecessors.

Before you pick any attachment loadout or the perks, you should definitely consider the pros and cons, depending on your current playstyle in the game. Although each attachment is unique on its own, its effectiveness can vary if the situation doesn’t suit its inclusion. So, choose wisely and shoot your way to top score!

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